Define file_collection size option


Is it possible to display a full file name for each attachment of file_collection function?

There is a option size: mini that works only for input as: file.

What other options I could use?


Hi @Ugis,

For now you can’t.

If I may be curious: why would you want this? To differentiate files like “very_long_word_file_01”, “very_long_word_file_02”, … perhaps?

You could output the names of the files however, by adding document to the object.

{{ custom.some.thing.document }}

Thanks Sven for quick response.

We use long prefixes’ for our files. As an example ‘VAT workings QE for ‘month’ 2018.xlsx’ - The file we see is VAT workings QE f… 2018.xlsx

I will play with output option.


Sure thing, but I think you’d like to be able to link to the file as well, which isn’t an option for now. Seems like a reasonable request; I’ll trigger @Sam to add this as a feature request (if or not possible).

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Any update on the ability to link to files (without possibility to add/remove/change them)?