Text file - attachment

I have a text template with a table with the possibility to add multiple files as attachments (e.g. contracts,…).

I don’t find the way however to show this on screen or in the export… What should I do for that please?

Hello @Warde,

The as:file and as:file_collection only work now for account and recon templates. We are not used to have it in text templates (every standard text template of Silverfin doesn’t have this function), but I agree that it should be built in.

I’ll give notice to this and add it as a feature request. Sorry for the inconvenience

Ok, tx, would be welcomed!


Seems like it’s not something that was missing but was deliberate on why this is not activated yet, because of complications with downloading text as Word, not having an option to include or exclude attachments in an export for texts, API…

We’ve added it on our feauture request list though; when implemented, we’ll definitely let you know.