Request: extra configuration for text templates

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For the Silverfin marketplace, I’m working on some templates users might need for new customers (letter of assignment, proxy letters, …) and because they are not really period dependent, am I creating them as text templates.

The issue however, is that text templates miss the ability to have the extra configuration box. I’d need this to assign some variables (such as the name and address of the accountant), as it is a bit of time-loss to enter all that information.

Can we expect this in the future? Or is there another way where data can be given on firm level?

An alternative would be to use reconciliations, but that seems a bit silly IMO, as it’s not really related to the working papers, and it only has to be made once.



We’ve taken adding configuration for text templates into consideration but this is not planned at this time. The best way to add this on a company level now is to place an input for your text in the company drop.

For example, if you would like to store the name of the accountant on a company level you can make the following input:

{% input %}

Then you can get this entered data in any other text template in the company with the following line:

{{ }}

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Thanks for the reply @Wouter_Bruynsteen, i knew of this workaround.

But, even if the templates of FINIFY are to be used one single time in a company file, it still forces the users to enter the exact same data in several company files.
Don’t think those templates in the marketplace will do well :blush:

I could release the templates with the suggestion above, but I’m hesitant as I’m not really behind it.

Another workaround would be to create a reconciliation first, and then take all info to a text but then again, users will be looking to download the template to Word directly (as that avoids using the export function in Silverfin, which needs more time).
If a reconciliation could be downloaded as a PDF directly now, and be made period-dependant, then we have a case though :thinking:

Could you update me on this matter? Or is it better to contact someone directly from team Silverfin?

No need to contact someone directly, I’ve forwarded this request internally and will be sure to post an update in this thread once a final decision has been made.

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I’ll be waiting patiently :slightly_smiling_face: