Automatic completion of accounting details

In Silverfin you have the option to automatically complete data from the system by for example using: {{ | strip }} {{ full_company_form | strip }} or {{ period.accounts.assets.value | currency }} {{ company_currency }}.

I’m looing from some specific data that I’m unable to find, can someone help me with finding the below items?

  • commissioner
  • seat/address commissioner
  • commissioner’s representative
  • loss/profit carried forward
  • capital
  • equity

Thank you in advance!

Hi @lieels01,

Without going into specifics for each item, most of data that resides in a company file of Silverfin, can be found here.

Also, if you know where the data is located (and with that, I mean which template), you can always open the debug-mode of that template and see if the data is taken into a result, which you then can use.

How to activate and use the debug-mode is explained here, as well on how to call upon results.

Let us know if this was of any help

Hi @sven

Thank you for the info! I found some details in the meantime.

However, I’m still unable to find the commissioner/auditor details in Silverfin, whatever option I use…
I’m guessing it should be something such as “” or " * commissioner.street" but unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found…

If these are open-source templates from the Silverfin marketplace @lieels01 (and I have a feeling you reference to the BE legal text templates), there’s only one way and that is to look into the source-code of that template, which can be done on firm level.

In most cases, what I sometimes do, is look for a specific text in the source code to find the needed information, and then check the variables that are used.
You could also copy the source code as a new template on company level (more info on that here).

Unfortunately, the debug-mode for text templates on company level isn’t an option, but that doesn’t matter as results are not possible at all with these kind of templates anyway.

Please, let us know if this was of any help. We strive to open up as much data as possible so people can built custom templates, but there are lots of custom data in some cases, and in the case of BE legal texts, there’s no other option to search in the source code I’m afraid…

hi Sven,

Thank you for the information…
I haven’t found what I needed yet as can indeed not see the source code of the original legal documents so I’m not sure where else I can still look for this information as it seems a big gamble…

Hi @lieels01 ,

If you want to go to the source code of a permanent text coming from the market place, you can go to the template collection of your firm, and open the section permanent documents. If you click on the document you’re looking for, a new page opens showing all the source code.

Kind regards,