CASE: how to create a custom text template

If you wish to create a custom text template, you can easily do so, starting from the Documents section on company level:

Just click on New text and this will actually let you create a text template on company level. The advantage here is that, when saving the template, you immediately see the output of your code (which makes sense, because on company level there is actual data - for account and reconciliation templates that have to be created on firm level, there is not actual data and that’s why you can’t see a preview of your output there).

Why a text template?

In most cases, we choose a text template if it’s not period specific. Which is the reason why in a text template, if you wish to create custom database variables depending on the period (like it happens standard in the working papers), you have to link the custom database variable to the period-drop, like this:

{% input as:date %}

If you would create something like this:

{% input as:date %}

then the value of would stay the same, no matter what period!

How to make a text template available on firm level?

On company level, there’s the option to create a template out of your custom template. Just go to Actions and choose Create template

This will copy all your code of your custom template and paste it to firm level, where it will be available for everyone on company level.

The only thing you might want to do, is lock the template on firm level, so future updates are pushed to company level as well:

So in above screenshot we would need to tick that option Locked