CASE: how to create a custom reconciliation template

If you want to add a custom reconciliation template to your firm, you’ll need to add this from firm level (or create it as a text template first on company level, to immediately see the output of your code).

Go to Firm level, click Add a reconciliation and then choose New blank template, and you’ll see this:

What’s important here, is the following:

  • Handle: use this to give a unique name to your template, so you can reference values from this template in another template.
    More info on that here

  • Virtual account number: if you want to be able to export your template in a PDF, you have to fill in. Based on this number, it’s decided under which section of the bundle the template will be shown.
    F.i. if you fill in number ‘710000’ your template will be shown under the section of “revenu”. If this number is not filled in, you will not be able to export your template to PDF (bundle).

  • Reconciliation type: here you will decide whether the template can be reconciled automatically (without having to input any data manually), or be reconciled with the need to input data manually, or that being reconciled is not needed (f.i. if you calculate taxes of some kind).

Below, you’ll find the editor to start building your code of the custom template. As soon as it’s added on firm level, it can be used on any company file.

Thanks Sven! Problem solved.