Link custom reconciliation to Silverfin reconciliation of the Annual Accounts

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to link our custom reconciliation to silverfin reconciliations of the Annual accounts (#210, #211, #212, #213, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27). Perhaps, we are trying to auto place the figures from our custom reconciliation to the annual accounts reconciliations.

By using the Fixed assets result tags and adding the handle name as “vaste_activa”, we are able to auto place the figures, but only for few boxes in the Annual accounts reconciliation.
For instance, In the “Land and buildings” reconciliation, we are able to update only the boxes(codes) : 8191P, 8161, 8171, 8321P, 8271, 8301.
Is there a way to update the other boxes(codes) 8181,8281, 8291, 8311 for the land and buildings? Same issue in the other reconciliations (#23 to #27), we are able to update only few boxes.

Further, We didn’t find the result tags to link our custom reconciliations to the annual accounts reconciliations : Development, Research prior to 1/1/2016, Research after 31/12/2015, Consessionspatentslicences, Goodwill, Advance payments. By directly updating the result tags of those particular reconciliations is not working. Could you please help me to get the results tags of these reconciliations or way to update the figures in the boxes (codes)?

Thanks in advance and please let me know if need more info or something is not clear.

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Hi Nikhil

  1. The codes marked in red on your screenshot don’t have any link to our own Fixed Assets template, so these don’t have any result tags linked to them and always need to be completed manually at the moment.

  2. The templates with the handles vol_6_2_1, vol_6_2_2, vol_6_2_3, vol_6_2_4 & vol_6_2_5 use the value from the accounts added in the account collection to determine the default values based on for example the following logic in vol_6_2_1:

  {% if info_acc.opening_value != 0 %}
    {% assign info_8051P = info_acc.opening_value  %}
  {% endif %}
  {% if info_acc.debet_value-info_acc.opening_value != 0 %}
    {% assign info_8021 = info_acc.debet_value-info_acc.opening_value  %}
  {% endif %}
  {% if -1*info_acc.credit_value != 0 %}
    {% assign info_8031 = -1*info_acc.credit_value %}
  {% endif %}

These also don’t have any link to our own Fixed Assets template, so they don’t have results.

If you’d need these results added for both cases, it would be quite a bit of work to add them since it involves a whole group of templates.

If you need these added, could you send a request to so we can follow it up as a feature request?

Kind regards