Resulttag from template "Fiscaal kapitaal" to tax template "Belastbare en vrijgestelde reserves"


We have a template “Fiscaal kapitaal” in which we can indicate if there are taxable reserves in capital (Belastbare reserves in Kapitaal).
is there a possibility that we can make a link from template "fiscaal kapitaal " to template “Belastbare en vrijgestelde reserves”, probably using result tags?

the template Fiscal kapital is shown as follows:

We want to give the “begintoestand” and the “eindtoestand” as result in template belastbare en vrijgestelde reserves for every bookyear.

Hi @AlexanderDB,

How to create a linkto (as we called it), is described here:

To get results from other templates into another template, is explained here:

however, for the last one, if it relates to Silverfin templates, then it could be no result tags have been added to the Silverfin template (yet). If that is the case, just let it known and we can add it then.