Jaarrekening - identificatie + bestuurders, Zaakvoeders,


We’ve been using from the start of silverfin (2015) our own templates (bedrijfsparameters/verslag zv/bestuurder). Now in new workflow ‘jaarrekening’, data for signature annual accounts (on ‘identificatie’ template) and list of Managers/directors our data is not linked.
For ex…In the ‘old’ code in ‘zaakvoerder.name’ was used throughout the templates, now for the new workflow, it has been changed to person.name. To just change fori from {% fori zaakvoerder in company.custom.directors %} to {% fori person in period.people %} and change the input doesn’t do the trick.

What is the easiest/quickest way to adapt our existing templates so that data (names of managers/directors) are picked up in the new workflows? Please note that we prefer not the delete all old reports and replace with standard silverfin templates for all our clients.

Please advise

Hey @Maarten_Peeters,

Is it correct from me to assume you input all directors & shareholders in 2 different custom collections (presumably company.custom.directors and company.custom.shareholders)?

What we actually do in the templates Annual Accounts, is loop over period.people and split certain fields (like names), but you don’t use period.people at all?

If you can give me the name of the collections you do use, then I can take this under investigation and see if we can do something.

But as far as I see, before the update of the text company information you never could have data of the shareholders and the directors in the templates of the Annual Accounts, right?

Hi @sven,

  • Indeed, we use 2collections company.custom.directors en company.custom.shareholders.

  • the period.people collection was never used in the past, because the directors/shareholders were only used for end of year report or special reports which were created/adjusted by us.
    Now (as of 2019 - 2018 closures) that we’re going to use Annual Accounts in Silverfin, the ‘period.people’ collection is linked (indirectly via Verslag zv/best als voorbereiding op AV) to signature on first page of Annual Accounts.

  • I also noticed that if I use the code 'period.people collective in our ‘bedrijfsparamenters’ and change the same in our report ‘Jaarverslag van zaakvoerders/bestuurder’ the signature appears on the first page of Annual Account and directors are shown in List of Directors/Managers/… in Annual Accounts BUT under ‘Natuurlijke Personen’ so I have a company (rechtspersoon) as director, it’s not possible to get it in Annual Accounts as these are always shown as Natuurlijke persoon.
    (for this I also raised via siverfin mai/chat a ticket)

Hey @Maarten_Peeters,

The annual accounts are all linked to period.people.
If you use custom templates that work with custom collections, then we could create a template that will “rollforward” (=migrate) the data from your custom collection into the people drop.

However, before going into that:
do you have an admin-sync like AdminConsult? Because if you do, then there is no need in my opinion to migrate anything at all: syncing with any admin sync will push that data into the people drop.


How long would this take as we want to use silverfin Annual Account but without this fix, we can’t completely finish our end of year documents?

The admin-sync is only set up for part of our organisation…so it won’t work completely. I’m also not that acquainted with admin-sync, i don’t see how it would solve our issue as we’re still working wiht customs reported not set up with people collections?

Good morning @Maarten_Peeters,

If you sync your data with the admin-sync, all data will get pushed to period.people, and therefor, period.directors and period.shareholders will be made from this too.

More info on that here (info on the people drop) and what can be accessed from it (the person drop).

Also know that, the admin-sync won’t push data to your 2 custom collections - it only pushes data to period.people. And all templates from Silverfin look at that.
So at one point in time, you want to switch completely? Because if not, you have to take into consideration you’ll need 2 types of legal text templates then:

  • one that is our standard templates and is linked to period.people (and works with any admin sync)
  • another set of templates that is used for companies that don’t use the admin-sync at all.

Is that, for now, clear to you regarding the admin sync @Maarten_Peeters? Just wanted that to be clear

Good morning @sven,

I’ll look into the person drop to get more acquainted and discuss internal what our best approach is on long term base.

However, on a short tem base, I made a quick fix in our bedrijfsparameter so that for now the director (when natuurlijke persoon) is shown on the first page of annual account and in list of directors. BUT…when the signer is a rechtpersoon we still have an issue as it’s not possible to select natuurlijke or rechtspersoon in your bedrijfsparameter so in annual account these are always shown as natuurlijke persoon in list of Directors/managers… in annual accounts. Do you have a solution for this in the pipeline on very short period?
Aren’t there other customers experiencing the same issue?


The use of period.custom.shareholders and period.custom.directors is before we had any admin-syncs. So it’s more rare this use-case, as you also use custom legal templates I’m afraid.

Can I ask how you made your fix? Because now, all your info needs to be put from period.custom.directors / shareholders into period.people (in order to get all the needed data in Annual Accounts) and that is something that can only be done manually.
However, I’d like to reach out to you soon on how we can fix this for you.

Hi @sven

I’m testing the quick fix in on our client 100390 in silverfin…check the bedrijfsparameter where i just copied silvefin code for directors list and check signature code in document Verslag Zaakvoerder/bestuurder…

If possible give a call after 14h today…to discuss this.


Will do @Maarten_Peeters

I’ll close this topic for now, as this has to be done outside Liquid.