Question with regard to shareholders and directors (period.people)


Is there a way to keep historical data that are bound to period.people (shareholders and/or directors)?

For example: if you’ve a got a file where you store information with regard to shareholders that does not change with the accounting period (such as their birthdate), how do you make sure that information ‘rolls over’ to the following periods)?

I tried with (for person in period.people), attaching person.custom.birthdate for each person. I’d like this birthdate to ‘roll over’ over other accounting periods.

Can you help me here?


Hi Bart

Is this what you are looking for?

{% for person in period.people %}
  {% assign namespace = | replace:" ","_" | downcase %}
  {{ }}{% input company.custom.[namespace].birthday as:date %}
{% endfor %}

Kind regards

This works. Great! Thanks a lot Sam! This is genius :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

A related question:

For each person in a period, I’d like to add the ‘wettelijke vertegenwoordiger’ (if any) to the company object by using company.custom.[namespace]. However, this doesn’t work (code below). Can you help me here?


{% for person in period.people %}
{% assign namespace = | replace:" “,”" | replace:".","" | replace:"-","_" | downcase %} {% comment %}Deze namespace wordt telkens opgemaakt als variabelenaam gekoppeld aan een person{% endcomment %}
{% assign company.custom.[namespace].wettelijkevertegenwoordiger_naam = person.custom.represented_by_name %} {% comment %}Steek de wettelijke vertegenwoordiger hierin{% endcomment %}

{{person.custom.represented_by_name}} _ {{namespace}} _ {{company.custom.[namespace].wettelijkevertegenwoordiger_naam}}

{% endfor %}

Hi @Bart

You can not assign a custom variable. These can only be used for inputs.
The following line will therefor not work:

{% assign company.custom.[namespace].wettelijkevertegenwoordiger_naam = person.custom.represented_by_name %}

Kind regards Sam

OK thanks Sam, is actually quite logical.

However, I found a workaround via a for-loop where a break is introduced when names match. So it’s feasible, but (as you rightly pointed out) not in the way I proposed.

Thanks vor your answer and have a great weekend!