People/person drop - Copy data

In of our reconciliation templates we’ve used the people/person drop to gather information about directors and shareholders. The following input tag was used:{% fori person in period.people %}.

We opened a new period and noticed that the data entered in this table cannot be copied to the next period. Can you review the code and investigate this issue?

I have the following code (stripped out the non relevant things):

{% fori person in period.people %}
|{% input person.custom.typepersonne as:select options:"PP|PM" %}
|{% input placeholder:'Nom' %}
|{% input person.director as:boolean %}
|{% if person.custom.typepersonne == "PM" %}{% input person.custom.typedirector as:select options:answer_optionsdirectorpm option_values:"Président|Directeur général|Administrateur" %}{% else %}{% input person.custom.typedirector as:select options:answer_optionsdirector option_values:"Gérant|Président|Directeur général|Administrateur|Représentant légal|Exploitant|Indivisaire" %}{% endif %}
|{% input person.shareholder as:boolean %}
|{% unless person.custom.typepersonne == "PM" %}{% input person.custom.dbe as:boolean %}{% endunless %}
|{% unless person.custom.typepersonne == "PM" %}{% input person.custom.carteiddate as:date placeholder:'' %}{% endunless %}
|{% unless person.custom.typepersonne == "PM" %}{% input person.custom.a1date as:date placeholder:'' %}{% endunless %}
|{% input person.custom.typecac as:select options:answer_optionscac option_values:"Titulaire|Suppléant" %}
{% newline %}{% endfori %}

Hi @FRV,

Good news is that there is nothing wrong with your code! :wink:

The issue here is that you use the period.people-drop for the fori loop. When you do ‘copy data’ in the reconciliation itself, the data that is linked to the reconciliation will be copied to the next period. However, these input fields are not linked to the reconciliation as such, but the period.people drop and because of thisn the details are period specific details. Therefore the copy data button in the reconciliation will not copy this data.

The workaround here is to also copy period specific details. The user should go the the client overview page, click copy details

and than select the necessary reconciliation, but also click the ‘Do you want to copy period specific details?’ button at the bottom.

In that case, all inputted data will be copied for the reconciliation.

Hope this is clear!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Kind regards,

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