Retrieving information from another text


I’d like to reutilise information from the template ‘bedrijfsparameters’ in another text template (I’d like to retrieve the address of a director on the basis of his name (that comes from a dropdown in the new text template).

How can I link to the table in the template ‘bedrijfsparameters’?


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Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

All that info is gathered in the drop period.people ; more info on that here as well.

If you only want the directors, you could go for a drop that comes from the person-drop, named period.directors (for shareholders that’s period.shareholders ).

The names of each object are in the link; hope this helps you forward? In our standard template “Bedrijfsparameters” you can always take a look for instance.

Good luck, and let uw know if you’re stuck.

Hi Sven,

OK thanks, is this also the case for represented_by_name? In a given template, I provided a list with all the directors. If the director chosen is a company, the (physical) person representing the company has to be searched.

Now, represented_by_name is a custom variable in the template ‘bedrijfsparameters’, so I suppose I can’t look this up in de period.people drop?

Hi Bart

When you are in your period.directors
forloop you are able to retrieve “person.custom.represented_by_name”.

Kind regards

Hi Sam,

{% for each person in period.directors %}
{% endfor %}
I know this will be a stupid question, but why doesn’t this work? error message is Liquid syntax error (line 47): Syntax Error in ‘for loop’ - Valid syntax: for [item] in [collection]


{% for each person in period.directors %}

Should be

{% for person in period.directors %}

There’s no each in the STL. :wink:

Kind regards