Display all "zaakvoerders"

I have a problem with displaying all directors in the following text.

{% assign director = period.directors %}
{{ period.directors }}
Heeft {{ director }} een zorgvolmacht?


Hi @sylvia.debaeremaeker

period.directrors is a collection of directors. To access these directors individually, you need to loop over them like this

{% assign director = period.directors %}
{% for director in period.directors %}
Heeft {{ director.name }} een zorgvolmacht?
{% endfor %}

Kind regards

Hi @sylvia.debaeremaeker,

I think your above post is follow-up on this question, therefore we will answer your additional question here.

In order to make sure the select-options are not linked to each other, you should make sure the custom-drop is linked to the current line (i.e. director).

Heeft {{ director.name }} een zorgvolmacht? {% input director.custom.check_zorgvolmacht as:select options:“Ja|Nee” %}

Kind regards,