Text-document retrieving info from bedrijfsparameters


I’ve constructed a text-document starting from the code of the standard text file for the AV. I know 0,00000 about programming and like anyone else I have 0,0000 time to spare to learn how to do that properly.

So the text-file I constructed actually works … but, I’ve used the following code two times:
% case director_type %}{% when ‘zaakvoerders’ or ‘bestuurders’ %}{% input period.custom.voorzitter.andere_dan_zkv as:select options:names option_values:keys default:period.custom.voorzitter.naam %}{% else %}{% input period.custom.voorzitter.andere_dan_zkv as:select options:names option_values:keys default:period.custom.voorzitter.naam %}{% endcase %}

My aim was that for the first use of this code I would be able to select a shareholder (mentioned in “Bedrijfsparameters”) from the dropdown. By selecting a specific shareholder, the name, the adres, company number and RPR of that shareholder would be automatically displayed.

I’ve tried with trial and error to adapt and expand the code but since I don’t know about programming, I got 0 result on that.

The second time I used this code, it actually does what it needs to do.

Clearly the code I used is not referring to shareholders (for first case), but since I don’t know anything about programming I don’t know how or where to start to get the result that I need. Can someone please tell me / show me the code that I need to use?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Francis,

Just to be clear: you want to create a dropdown list with all shareholders? When selected, it should display relevant info like name, address, amount shares, … ?

eager to help you! All we ask though, is to invest time (that is something out of our hands - hope you understand)

Hi @sven

Thanks for your reply!

Yes I would like to create a dropdown to select one of all shareholders who are enlisted in ‘Bedrijfsparameters’. And when a shareholder is selected it should display name, address, ‘ondernemingsnummer’ and the RPR.

I think the piece of code I copy pasted below is referring to another piece / part of code, but I don’t know what part and therefore I can’t adapt /change it to create the desired dropdown.


Let’s start from scratch then, sort of :wink:

I created a case for you, as I think it might be relevant to have on our community:

However, because you are new to all of this, may I suggest to take the time to get the basics first (as it might be too much to begin with if you are a starter)?
A good start would be to download slides from our workshops (you can found this here)
and get to know some of the code in our readme pages https://silverfin.readme.io

We know time is an issue with lots of people, but same goes for us of course.

I hope the case got you intrigued to learn more of our Silverfin templating Language, and that you don’t take it the wrong way me guiding you to our documentation (I want to avoid the community being a place where requests are dropped and we built - the goal is to guide you step-by-step towards your desired template).

good luck, and let us know if we can help you further :+1:

PS the rpr is not part of one shareholder to be input through the Bedrijfsparameters, and I hope you find the info for address. if not, you know where to find us but it’s all there in the text template “bedrijfsparameters”

@sven, thank you for your reply and the case you’ve posted!

…I’ll have to take some time to get into it, aside from the discussed issue the template works ok. I’ll let you know when I was able to complete it!