Export of a recon is not respecting the lay-out shown on the screen. It seems to recalculate the column widths

We have a reconcilliation that contains a lot of columns. Some of the columns are showing a lot of data. We have an option in the recon to perform grouping, when the grouping is activated, the column will concatenate a reference to the adjustment into 1 column. To ensure the column is not stretched over the whole page, we include line breaks between every 3 references made to the adjustments.

During the export we force the export to always export in Landscape (the recon use to go out of the boundaries of a page).

The reconcilliation is acceptable if we consider the output on the screen. But on the export, it seems to recalculate the size of the columns. (We also used the |----10%----|----90%----| to indicate the desired column widths)

when we consider the export (the PDF) of the reconcilliation, amounts are cut of and blank space is visible where we included the linebreaks.

Is there a way to improve the behaviour to get a nice output we can send to our customers?

The screen representation is there to server our accountants (internal use). The output is something we like to share with our customers.

Thanks in advance


I wouldn’t really advice using the following column spacing:


A more suitable solution is using:


This will make sure the full space is used without going out-of-bounds in the export.
By adding another | sign after already assigning 100%, you’re basically telling liquid that another column can be present there.

Is it possible to modify this?
Please let me know if this helps you further.

Hi Jelle,

Thanks you for your answer .
We are actually using the + at the end. Would you know wheter the export is redefining the width of the column and wheter we can define a fixed size for certain columns?

Best regards

Ruben Moerman


The above column spacing should define fixed widths for your export.
However if for example you display data which requires more than 10% spacing, then this will be overwrite the existing spacing template.

Can you try and increase the 10% a bit to make sure it’s sufficient for the displayed data in that column?