GET results from templates through the API

In my custom templates I’m generating result tags which post:

  1. The number of questions in the template
  2. The number of questions answered
  3. The number of question answered to help reconcile the template

What I would like to do is create an API call to GET these result tags for all templates on a set period. Would it be possible to create such an API call?

Hi Ronald,

These custom templates, are these reconciliations? If so, you can use the following API GET call to fetch the results from that template:!/financials/getV3CompaniesCompanyIdPeriodsPeriodIdReconciliationsReconciliationIdResults

[GET] /v3/companies/{company_id}/periods/{period_id}/reconciliations/{reconciliation_id}/results

For this call, you will require the company_id, period_id, and reconciliation_id.
These can be fetched using the following GET calls:

company_id: [GET]/v3/companies!/companies/getV3Companies
period_id: [GET]/v3/companies/{company_id}/periods!/companies/getV3CompaniesCompanyIdPeriods
reconciliation_id: [GET] /v3/companies/{company_id}/periods/{period_id}/reconciliations!/financials/getV3CompaniesCompanyIdPeriodsPeriodIdReconciliations

Once you have these identifiers, you can use the result GET call to fetch the values for that specific reconciliation template.

Does this provide you with sufficient information?

Yes they are. This was what I was looking for, thanks @Jelle!