Get the result of the % complete from the check list by topic


I hope I can explain this so everybody can understand.

What I have done is fine-tuned the checklist.

First I added a couple of reconciliation templates. The templates do not hold information but are there to link checks in the checklist to it.

It would be nice to see on the individual reconciliation templates the % of completion of the linked checks. On the specific template it is just a nice to have, because you can see the result on the left side.

But I want to use that result % in another reconciliation template where I want the ‘Controller‘ reviews the work that has been done.

If I could make an overview of all the reconciliation templates that are not completed (100%) he or she could decide to send back the work to the person who has prepared it, without opening any template or to scroll through the checklist (because some things are in a checklist, others in a template, …)

Is that possible ?

Hi @Katrien,

I’m assuming you’d like to get to the completion of a reconciliation template, right? To see if it’s reconciled, or not, no?

If so, it is not possible to link to the reconcile-status of a template like you’d refer to a database variable.
However, you could use a workaround by having the variables that define your reconcile-status, taken into a result-tag.

For example:

Let’s take the code of this case:

I’ll add this code within the forloop, just when the local variable check_ind was created :

| {% input custom.[check].check_mark as:boolean %}
  {% comment %}Below will make the templates reconciliation needed{% endcomment %}
  {% if custom.[check].check_mark == true %}
    {% assign check_ind = 0 %}
  {% else %}
    {% assign check_ind = 1 %}
  {% endif %}
  {% comment %}add the value of the ind var into a register{% endcomment %}
  {% assign $10 = check_ind %}
| {% unexplained check_ind as:indicator %}

The part that’s added here, is:

{% assign $10 = check_ind %}

So each loop, the value of the local var is added into $10. If all checks are done, that value of $10 should be zero.

At the end of the code, we can do this, and combine all variables that decide the reconciled status of the template:

{% comment %}we need to take the reconciled variables into a result tag so we can refer to from somewhere else{% endcomment %}
{% assign recon_status = check_prep+check_review+$10 %}
{% result 'status_checklist_a' recon_status %}

You can then refer to that result tag to see if a template is reconciled or not. If the value of the result tag is zero, it’s reconciled. If it’s not zero, it is unreconciled.

But yes, you have to add additional code for that.

Can you let me know if this works out for you? Great case Katrien! :+1:


The suggestion above can work if you build the checklist in a reconciliation template. But that is not what i want to do.

I have a normal checklist. That refers to a reconciliation. I want to now the % complete of the checklist for each reconciliation.

This is not info that is in the liquid code. And i haven’t seen any code to refer to checklist info.

Ah, I see… That is not possible for now.

Before logging it as a feature request, let me see if I get this right:
all you want to be able to do, is see if a checklist (that is attached to a reconciliation, not in the template itself) is completed or not? That’s it, right?

Sorry for the back and forth, but I want to make sure I get the use case.

Yes that’s what i want to have.

That would give me the opportunity to warn the controller with parts are not completed in the controller screen.

Met vriendelijke groeten,





Okay, does it need to be in the controller screen? Cause I’m thinking more in line with using Silverfin Insights, where you should be able to create a note/todo where some checklist is not completed yet…

It’s currently not possible, but would that work for you as well?