Trial balance workflow completion


Is there any coding that can be used to pull the trial balance workflow completion through to a reconciliation e.g. if I have the current trial balance workflow percentage is X% for the period. I want it to automatically pull through the %.

Hi @Nazirarahman

Thanks for your question!

It’s currently not possible to access the workflow % through liquid.
If you’re willing to elaborate on your use-case, I can look if there’s another way to help you further with what you’re trying to achieve?

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We are currently setting up a reconciliation template which is completed by users to confirm certain things have been completed. Ideally it would just pull through what the trial balance workflow percentage is to confirm all reconciliation work has been completed.

I see, we usually don’t need the workflow % since we try to display more specifically which information is missing that affects that workflow %. This way the user can see where he can take action.

So I’m afraid if you only want the workflow % for display purposes, this won’t be possible to get.

That being said, we do have it on our backlog to access individual templates’ reconciliation status in liquid, so when this feature launches in the future, it might also come in handy for your use-case.

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Hi Wouter,
How about if we could link the URL to our TB workflow in the reconciliation template?

For example, for client with Silverfin ref number “1154134”, called “Test”, this is the URL below, but I’m not sure what the other numbers represent and how we would make it generic to work for all users?


Hi Fay,

At the moment we don’t have a way in liquid to create this link. We could use a workaround to generate it but it’s not reliable as the id’s on the URL might change in the future.

Would using insights solve your problem? You can create a segment that would show the workflow progress per client like this:







Thanks Borja, we can live without it :slight_smile: