Insights - workflow % complete


We have multiple workflows for the same purpose, but different entity types - i.e. working papers for unincorporated / incorporated / farms, and accounts for ltd 102(1a) / llp 102(1a) / ltd 105 / partnerships / sole traders…

It is only expected for a client to have one of the above working papers & accounts workflows, and we would like to report on this as a column on insight to see which clients have 100% in their respective workflows.

How can we display this as two columns i.e. %result for Working Papers and %result for Accounts, without needing to display all 8 workflows?

I’m wondering if we could perhaps report on a workflow % / coalesce within an Insights Liquid Template and then call this into the Insights report, but I’m not sure if workflow % can be queried within Liquid? Are you aware of any other ways this can be neatly achieved?

Many thanks