Getting results from (Silverfin) template belastingberekening


Is it possible to change the existing template ‘belastingberekening’ by putting some of the calculated results in a ‘result’ tag so these can be used directly in another template (not made by Silverfin)?

I suppose this can be done by assigning period.reconciliations.BELASTINGBEREKENING.results.landbouw_index (for example) to a variable …


Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

Good question tbh.

You should use the “Configuration” option then in the Silverfin-template (which is here explained as well, but for a different template.

Above shows me taking the data from the object custom.belast_begin.onzichtb (which hasn’t gotten a result-tag in our Silverfin-template (yet)), assign it to a new variable (not necessary) and putting it in a result.
The extra code you make in this screen, gets added or overwrites existing code in the standard template of Silverfin.

This should work with input-objects just fine, but not if you want the amount of a register ($). Registers are only saved when going through the code from the top to below, while input objects are saved on “database level” (for a lack of using a better description for this).

In this case it gets explained as well :

Hope you’re good to go!

OK thanks Sven, just having a little additional problem here:

The piece of data in which I’m interested is created by an assign statement (name of parameter is ‘belastbaar’).

linking to reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.belastbaar doesn’t work here …

Could you post the code you’re trying to get from our template @Bart_Verhaeghe, just to be sure?

OK, in the template ‘belastingberekening’, I added

{% assign belastbaar2 = belastbaar %}
{% result ‘belastbaar2’ belastbaar2 %}

In my own tempalte, I added:

{% assign LI = period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.belastbaar2 %}

belastbaar = {{LI}}

Now if I assign a real value to belastbaar2 (eg 3), then I get a result (3) in my own template. So the problem must be situated in the ‘belastingberekening’-template …


Which result tag do you like to see added?

Kind regards

Hi Sam,

For the moment, the variable ‘belastbaar’ will do (it’s possible that other parameters will have to be added in the future, but still …).


@Bart_Verhaeghe Should be added :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

Has this been added yet?


It has.

The name of the result tag is belastbaar

Kind regards


OK this works. Thanks!


Hello belastbaar is a if funtion… Is it also possible to add the result tag with the {%else%} ?

Hi @wesleyvd,

Sure, we will do so!

We will inform you when the result-tag is in place.

Kind regards,

Hi @wesleyvd,

Following the above, we would like to inform you that the result tag is in place.

Kind regards,