Belastingberekening - blad te bespreken

Voor ons ‘blad te bespreken’ maken wij verwijzing naar onze belastingberekening.
Echter nu alles aangepast werd komt dit er niet meer op.

Wij werkten met onderstaande code.
{% assign belastingen = 1*period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.vennootschapsbelasting %}

Kan je mij de code geven om te verwijzen naar de ‘nieuwe belastingberekening’.

Hi Matthijs,

Correct, if your files have been migrated you will have to use a new handle: 2018_tax_module. So your code will look like this:

{% assign belastingen = 1*period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.vennootschapsbelasting %}

Please do not forget to write all your community posts in English.

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Hi Michiel,

do you have the same code for the ‘liquidatiebelasting’.
now we have:
{% assign liquidatiebelasting = 1*period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.bel_liq_res %}

kind regards

Hi Matthijs

Similar to the your other result tag, only the handle of the template has to be changed, so period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.bel_liq_res will become period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.bel_liq_res.

Kind regards,


Hi Michiel,

Same problem here. We are using the result tags in our communication letter to our client.

Where can we find the programcode of the reconciliations so we can find which ‘result’ tags that we can use? Or is there a place where we can find a list of the used ‘result’ tags. That would be very useful.

In the old reconciliation (belastingberekening or verworpen uitgaven) we could see the programcode. In that code we could find back the ‘result’ tags.

Kind regards,

Hi @wesleyvd,

That’s a good question, and this case might get you there I think:

If not, don’t hesitate to ask.

This is just what I need :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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