Result tags - taxes

The resulttags “liquidatiebelasting” doesn’t work.

We want the numbers from our sjabloon ‘vennootschapsbelasting’ in our document:
now we get only the total taxes.

we use this resulttags:
{% assign belastingen = 1period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.vennootschapsbelasting %}
{% assign liquidatiebelasting = 1
period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.bel_liq_res %}
{% assign verlaagdtarief = 1*period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.verlaagd %}

Thanks for for the help.

Hi Maaike,

Welcome to our community. I think what’s causing the issue is the number 1 that you have put before period.reconciliations… Is there a reason why that 1 is there? The following code should work:

{% assign liquidatiebelasting = period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.bel_liq_res %}