Tax module in report

Our files have been migrated so we use a new handle: 2018_tax_module. So our code look like this:

{% assign belastingen = 1*period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.vennootschapsbelasting %}

However, it seems to work untill today, is there something changed?
We don’t get the result of our taxes in our report.


Hi Maaike

Following the TY20 update of the tax module the naming of some results have indeed changed, however, you should be able to receive the same amount by calling period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.total_tax_due .

You can always check how results are named by looking at the debug pane inside a template
To access the debug pane you can add ?debug=1 on the end of the url.

For example
when I have the tax module opened I add ?debug=1 on the end of the url

And then on the bottom of the page you’ll have the debug pane opened with a section ‘named results’ where you can find all the results you can access in that template.

Kind regards

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Thanks Wouter and especially fort he tip.

But however, I can’t find the code for the ‘liquidatiebelasting’.

We have the next code:

{% assign belastingen = period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.total_tax_due %}

{% assign liquidatiebelasting = period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.bel_liq_res %}

{% assign verlaagdtarief = period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.verlaagd %}

So we refer to a ‘dutch’ word, now I have changed the tax, but I also need the liquidatiereserve…

Is everything transfered to an Englisch word?

Thanks fort he feedback.


You can now access this result in the template ‘Separate/additional assessments’ (Aanvullende/afzonderlijke aanslagen).

You can also find the handle of the template (2018_assessment_and_taxcredit) under the ‘Template info’ section of the debug pane.
So to get this amount, you can call period.reconciliations.2018_assessment_and_taxcredit.results.bel_liq_res.

If you want to target more detailed amounts for the liquidationreserve all the amounts completed in the form 275 A can also be called with results.

Most result names should indeed be in English now, but I would recommend to always use the debug pane to find the results you want to target.

Hope this helps you further!

Kind regards

Hey Wouter,

When I type “?debug=1” at the end of the url of a template, my browser doesn’t show anything more. Not in Chrome and not in IE.
I can show a developper tool in Chrome and also in IE through the menu, but still then I don’t see the section ‘named results’
Can you give me more info about this?

Kind regards

Hi Peter

Sometimes you’ll have a #with_some_text on the end of your url, you need to remove this part before adding ?debug=1 on the end of the url.

For example
If you have the url

you need to remove the #additional_checks part before adding ?debug=1 ; so in order to make the debug pane appear on the bottom of the page, the url must be:

Does this help you further?

Kind regards

Hey Wouter,

I see now that it is at the end of the page and not at the bottem of my screen. Thanks for this info.