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I have made a document where want to list al the important numbers of a balance.
I want to show the number of “Te betalen vennootschapsbelasting” and “Belastbare liquidatiereserve (10,00 %)” in this document but how do i refer to this numbers?

Hi Matthijs

You can refer to the account number by using following code:

{{ account.number }}

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Hi Matthijs

If however you want to refer to the reconciliation template that contains these numbers, you can use following code:

{{ period.reconciliations.handlereconciliation.results.nameresult }}

Filling in the right handle and result name.
Belastbare liquidatiereserve (10,00 %) isn’t linked to an result tag yet. We could provide this if you want to.

Kind regards

Hi Sam,

Can you indeed provide me the result tag,


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Hi Matthijs

We added a tag called bel_liq_res

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