Group tags code print out in preview mode, can we remove it?

Hello there,

I have a question about the group tag:

In one of my template I used the group tag to group some tables together, so in the export, they will be showed closely in one page.

I used {% nic %}{::group}{% endnic %} and the beginning of the table, and {% nic %}{:/group}{% endnic %} at the end of those tables. This will sum all tables together in the export, but in preview mode, the “{::group}” will also be there. This looks like an liquid error to user, and is there a way we can use the group tag but not print them in the preview mode? Please see the screenshot.

Please advise.
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Hi @Flora ,

Thank you for your question!

The good news is that we are already aware of this issue and definitely nothing is wrong in your code. The bad news is that we are still working on a solution for this. This has already been flagged with our engineering team and will be picked up the next couple of weeks.

The only way this grouping is supported in preview mode is when the grouping is switched around (so first closing group tag and then opening group tag in your template). But your export style should in that case support it as well, otherwise the group-tags will just show up in PDF export.

So for now, nothing you can do liquid-wise to overcome this issue I’m afraid (except structurally changing your export style and the way you use group tags in your templates), but we’ll keep you updated as soon as our engineers have resolved this bug.

Some more information on the use of group tags in reconciliation and account templates can be found here: Group

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Hi @robindeclercq,

Thank you for your detailed explanation! Hope I will hear back from you soon:)


Subscribing to this issue, also awaiting fix

Hi @Wsteppe and @Flora ,

We are please to share that some updates have been launched that should cover these group tags showing up in preview mode.

Please have a look at your specific case and let us know in case our update didn’t fix your issue!

Thank you!

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HI Robin, thank you for following up :slight_smile:

I go to my test client file, but still see the group tag show up in the preview mode, do I need to change anything?

This is the link to our development environment template:
This is the link go to the template in case you need it.


Hi @Flora ,

Thanks for sharing this.

We didn’t consider your exact use-case when we deployed this structural fix to our platform. We might have some workarounds that can be applied to cover your issue, we’ll contact you via a separate e-mail to share these!

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Thank you @robindeclercq !
My issue has been solved now.