How to adjust margins?

With every report we send a side lettre to our client. We’ve created this lettre in Silverfin and we were wondering how can adjust the margins.

Hi @SandraLenaerts3253,

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the margins of one document in a bundle. However, in this specific case, you could add a new style under ‘Styles’ specifically for the side letter. The side letter can then be exported in a separate bundle.

Hope this helps!

Where can I change the style?

Hi @Tanguy,

What exactly do you wish to do? Let me put it this way: there isn’t really much Liquid involved in those styles, unless if you want to diverge from something particular in them.

If you want to tweak them visually, you can. It is explained here for example (Dutch masterclass) or here where you’ll see what you can update.

Hope this helps? If not, let us know.

Thank you, I am making a text report and I need to have my text in the correct margins. Because when the input is finished it needs to be printed. I’m adjusting the notes of the general meeting to our company templates.

Adjusting margins in a style will have affect on anything you export in a company file, so not only text templates eg.

So if you want the text to stand out more (by more indenting eg), you should adapt the coding within the text template. If you’re stuck with that, you can always ask here as well: