Attach pdf to a style


Is it possible when you create a style to attach a fixed pdf?

I know it is possible to add a ‘document’ and when you want to export the style you still need to upload this document for every file you want to export.

I want to upload a pdf when composing the style so that for every export of this style this pdf is included and does not have to be uploaded every time.

How can I achieve this?

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I know this is an old comment. But actually would be very interested in knowing if this is possible/would be possible as well.

Reason being - wanting to add an MD&A (Management & Reporting) Section to the financials during export. Most of the MD&A is visuals and colorful charts. Which is not possible in Silverfin templates. But this could provide a nice workaround if we can do that outside of Silverfin and then just bring it in during export w/i the Style Guide.


hi @pgallagher ,

It’s not really possible but what kind of PDF is this? Some general brochure perhaps about the firm?

Perhaps it’s manageable to push this kind of data into a specific custom variable for all companies through our API (although I am not that familiar with our API possibilities, but if that could work for you, it might be worth it to check out this)