Template VAT turnover


In our template VAT-turnover comparison we are using in the code {% ic %} and {% endic %} to show on the screen the table with the different boxes on the screen but we don’t need to export this table in a style.

For one or our style we need to export this table and for another styles not.

Is it possible?



Hi @svalais,

Good question and I thought I could give you the solution based on this:

However, that is not working on text, account and recon template level. I’m investigating what other ways we could help here.

I’ll keep you posted though


for now there doesn’t seem to be an option to do this looking at the name of the export (export.title).

You could make a second template (that give the result of the original), and take that template as a default in the bundle? Hope that could work for you?


if I make a second template, the template need to be created is the file of the customer to have it in the bundle?

How can I solve this problem?



Yes @svalais, it does.

If you need the template to be pushed to all client files, our fist line helpdesk can do this for you.

I’m afraid I can’t offer you another solution for this; hate to disappoint here.