Export(-style) dependent account/reconciliation template content?

Is there a possibility to access and use the information about the export in the code of an account- or reconciliation template?
This would be useful in order to be able to adapt the template’s content according to the export(-style).
Something along the lines of:

{% if export_style.name == ‘Some export style name’ %}
This is only shown in exports of style ‘Some export style name’
{% endif %}

I noticed that an export-drop is being used in the advanced configuration of an export-style, e.g. in the code for the Detail Text:

{% for account_or_text in export.selected_accounts_and_reconciliation_texts.assets.include_zeros_with_details %}

This drop, however, does not seem to be able to be accessed in account/reconciliation templates.

Is there another way to accomplish export-(style-)dependent template content?

Hello @robin.bailleul,

I see where you are headed with this, but I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you: the export drop can’t be accessed from any other template, other than the advanced settings in an export style.
For now, we don’t have any plans for this.

Sorry to disappoint here, but let me know if we can help you in this case.

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