Custom template not visible when including it in an export

I’ve create a custom template but it works if you download it as word, but is not visible if you include it in an export.

In detail: If the template is displayed as preview or exported as Word then the content is complete and correct each time, however, if the same template will be used in an export then this template was visible only 1 time.
It is not visible in any file or the same file (although checked in the export configuration). So the template could only be used once.
A copy of the template in a new template (copy and past code/text) doesn’t work either.

There seems to be an other issue; as mentioned above the first export of the export worked as expected. But if the export is generated again then this template is still visible, however, if the template code is modified (text) then the original text in re-generated in the report and the contents remains the same. Thus, new versions of the template are not included in the report.

Since the template works in preview and as a Word export the template itself seems to work as expected, and I don’t know there are any options to diagnose why the contents of the template is not included in new exports.

How to solve this issue?

Hi @sven_r and welcome to the Community!

New templates not showing up in export is typically related to the virtual account number and the export style used.
We discussed a similar issue recently:

Kindly have a look and try to solve it in a similar fashion.
Let us know if you still encounter issues afterward,

Kind regards,

Thanks, adding the virtual account number indeed resolves the issue.