Export not visible

Hi Silverfin team,

When trying to export our “representation letter” template, we get a fully blank page. I have read here on the Community that every template needs a virtual account number, which we entered, for it to be visible. However ,still nothing happens. When I copy the code into a text document, and when I try to export that, it appears perfectly in the export. So it seems that the code is fine, it just does not get exported as template.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Matti

based upon your description, I think the virtual account number causes the problem. This virtual account number should be a number and not text. Can you check if that is the case, and if not re-do the export with a virtual account number?

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Hi Matti,

Silverfin structures their virtual account numbers in line with the country’s chart of accounts. For Belgium, this means that all templates related to e.g. fixed assets, will start with virtual account number 2.

Templates that cannot be linked to the chart of accounts start with number 8 or 9, e.g. Annual accounts start with 90, Corporate tax starts with 91.

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