Change Page Orientation when exporting reports


I have created a report summarising a company’s profit & loss and balance sheet for the last 5 years. I have then additionally created a separate report summarising the cashflow for the last 2 years. I could not create 5 years of cashflow for technical reasons but the firm is happy with just the 2 years.
I then combined the 2 reports in the export function to produce the company’s financial results in a management pack to give to the client. I have created a custom style to do this for me.

The issue is because the first report has 5 years the export functionality will print out the report as landscape but since my cashflow only has 2 years it comes out portrait so my end product looks rather clunky.

Is there a way for me to flip the page orientation to either be completely portrait or completely landscape (ideally portrait)? I have seen similar posts suggesting entering {% changeorientation “portrait” %} in the detail text part of the Style settings but this has not worked for me. I have tried landscape as well as copying this into the other text parts of the style settings but nothing worked. I have also tried removing all the pre-existing code that was there before inserting the change of orientation to ensure my line was not skipped or switched back to landscape somehow but no luck there.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hello @RomainB,

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What your questions is concerned, I believe exports are pushed to landscape as soon as a certain number of columns is exceeded. Adding the changeorientation-tag in the detail text section of the export style was definitely a nice try but as far as I understand 1) this detail text section will only be rendered for templates, not for reports and 2) any other setting in the template (or report) itself would overwrite this again.

So I’m assuming either 1) and/or 2) apply here. As I’m not really an expert on reports myself I’ll check with our backend engineers to see if there is any possible workaround.

I’ll keep you updated!

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Hello @RomainB ,

As promised, I checked with our backend engineers to see if there is a way to force reports in a certain orientation in PDF export. Unfortunately this is currently not possible.

We will however include this on our backlog of feature requests so it might be that some day this will be implemented. Of course can’t make any promises on timing, but it’s definitely part of our improvement list.

Thanks for sharing this!

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No worries.

Thank you for looking into it.

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