Page orientation in export


Since last week our custom minutes of the general meeting are shown in landscape in exports. Is there a way I can force portrait-mode?
I recall we had troubles with exporting that morning (very slow or errors) but didn’t make changes to the code beforehand. I don’t know what could cause this change in page orientation.


Hello @Lesly,

Does your template has some code looking like this:

{% changeorientation "landscape" %} ?

That’s the only reason I can think off to having an export behave like that for a text template

Hi Sven,

I never used this code. Can I solve it the other way around, like {% changeorientation "portrait" %}?


Yes. But I’d rather analyse why your template is not landscape.

So that code isn’t present now in your template? @Lesly

No. Our code is quite similar to the Silverfin-template. The biggest difference is that we have more columns in the table for the remunerations.

How many columns, may I ask? :blush:

3 benefits instead of 1

Okay, very strange that the text template would be exported into landscape.

@Lesly sorry for going back-and-forth, but would you mind sending a mail to (you can mention me), and say in which company file and which export you are encountering this issue?

I can investigate further (cause I cannot simulate the issue) and let you know here what the issue exactly is.

Thanks so much Lesly

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