If statement relating to reconciliation or indicator value


I am trying to get something to happen based on a question being reconciled or not.

So when a question is reconciled we would like the name of the person and the date to appear next to the question. If the question is then unreconciled for instance the name and date disappear.

I cannot seem to get any sort of if formula working for this as I a don’t understand what the if bit needs to be.

I have tried and various others:
|{% if unreconciled 0 as:indicator == true %} {{date:"%d/%m/%y"}} {% endif %}

Can you use the unreconciled function to determine an outcome?

Hopefully i have explained that well enough.


Hello @neilmiller,

Indeed, the if-statement you shared (i.e. {% if unreconciled 0 as:indicator == true %} {{date:"%d/%m/%y"}} {% endif %}) will not work. The if statement checks whether a condition is true or false. This condition should always contain a value or variable to be checked. As unreconciled 0 as:indicator is not a value or a variable, the statement will not work. For more info on the use of the if-statement click here.

In this case, the best solution would be to use the condition that determines whether the unreconciled-tag should indicate reconciled or not in the if-statement.

Furthermore, in the template you’re currently making, it could be interesting to use the special attributes updated_by and/or updated_at. For more info, please read this.

Hope we were able to help.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions!

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Thanks for the reply @robindeclercq