Question concerning : unreconciled, different results

Strange fact : one result reconciled, other result unreconciled.
Is there an explanation ?

This is the code for both :
|{% input period.custom[waarde].respons as:select options:answer_options option_values:“oui|non|nonappl” %}
|{% if period.custom[waarde].respons == “oui” or period.custom[waarde].respons == “nonappl” %}
{% assign $2 = 0 %}
{% elsif period.custom[waarde].respons == “non” and period.custom[waarde].commentaire != blank %}
{% assign $2 = 0 %}
{% else %}
{% assign $2 = 1 %}
{% endif %}
{% unreconciled $2 as:indicator %}{{ $2 }}

Thanks in advance

Hi Lieve

welcome to our community. This is indeed very strange behaviour. As far as I can see, everything seems fine. So, I called in the help of our core developers to see if there is something at the background that goes wrong.

I’ll update you if I got more information from them.

Kind regards

Hi @lieve.decru,

What setting do you have for the reconciliation type?

Because the unreconciled tags depends on actual input, be sure it is set on Reconciliation necessary and invalid without data

This means you cannot get the template to be reconciled without actual entering data somewhere.
Changing this setting can have some weird output.

If this is set correctly, I’ll need to dive in deeper.