Images|icons in templates/texts


Is it possible to use images or little .jpg; .png; .Tif files in a Text/Template?

like somethin like this?
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Hi @AlexanderDB ,

It’s not possible to use pictures in the input view of templates. Why would you like to implement this?



Hi @Michiel ,

we could consider to use a text looking something like this:

for exemple, now we have an info page that is only plain text and table.

if we could add little images, the text would seem a little bit less dull.

Hi @AlexanderDB ,

Images need to be avoided according to the UX guidelines, therefor we advise not to implement this.

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Hi @Michiel ,

But if I read between the lines, you do indicate that it is possible (but not recommended). Can you provide me the code so I can test this?

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We don’t provide any features in liquid to include image files (jpeg, png, etc.) in templates.

We support UTF-8 encoded text, so technically you could include any icon that is a valid HTML entity. But as mentioned we don’t recommend it since this wouldn’t provide a consistent experience across templates and browsers for your users.

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