Text templates with HTML tags

So I used some html tags to give my text template a better layout but in the export everything in between those html tags disappears.

eg: A. Omschrijving van de opdracht

But the export gives a blank line.

thanks in advance (:

Hi Julie

Not counting a few exceptions, it’s not possible to use HTML tags in the Silverfin templating languages.
In general we disencourage the use of html tags, because the few exceptions (i.e. <hr />) have a markdown alternative. <hr /> in markdown for example is:


Kind regards


Hi Sam

Thanks for your response.
The documentation said you could use HTML in reconciliation templates, so i figured it would also work in text templates, but this is not the case?
I only used the font html tag to give the text a more structured layout so no tables or strange advanced things…
is there an other way to improve the layout of my text ?

Did you use it for font sizing? If so, this might be a better alternative:

If you use it for colorization, using

<font color="CC0000">Text in color</font>

Should work fine. As you can see, we are nog using a hashtag # in front of our hexcode. Could it be that this was the issue? If not, could you please show me your code so I can see what the issue might be? :slight_smile:

Kind regards