Reconciliation styles + colors


How can I apply the styles as defined in my office “Styles” in my reconciliations?

When I look at the documentation, the following is stated:


In general, colours should not be used when creating a template in liquid. ‘Export Styles’ should be used for customising the colours of templates.

That’s fine, but I can’t find any documentation on how to apply this styling on our reconciliations.

Obviously, the following will work:

{::font size="xl"}<font color="005EB8">
            **Section 2: something** 

But this seems to be going against the guidelines from the documentation. Is there any other way to apply styles to a reconciliation? What i would like is that all my headers apply style 1, subheaders style 2,…

When exporting templates, any style you have created via ‘firm --> styles’, can be selected via ‘company --> export --> choose a bundle’ (top bar).

This way you can only apply your styles to exports of templates, not in input view. In input view you can use the html tags mentioned as well, but as you say this is discouraged by our guidelines.

Note that in the settings of a specific style, in the advanced settings there is the option to apply liquid code to format your exports as desired (scroll down). Please let us know if you need additional guidance on this.

Does this answer your question?

Hi Melle,

That’s clear, but i’m wondering how Silverfin decides which style to use. Is it based on a html header tag, the text size, or something else? In reports, this behaviour is very obvious, but we’re unsure about the reconciliations.

Eg, the office “Style 1” has a text color of #0091da, and is bold XL text. Is there any way to indicate in my reconciliations “when exporting this bit of text, make sure it uses Office Style 1”

We can hard code it using:

{::font size="xl"}<font color="0091da">
            **Section 2: something** 

But i gather that’s not meant to be done?

Do you want to change the layout of your reconciliation in input view or in export?

Export view.

It may be that I’m missing something obvious here, but I couldn’t find it in the developer docs.

Did you try the following?

  1. Go to export, make sure you are in the correct company

  1. In the export screen, drag and drop the “accounts” block into your export setup. Use the content button to check which accounts, reconciliations and other templates you want to load into your export:

  1. Also in the export screen, you can select your customised style via ‘choose a bundle’:

  1. Run your export via ‘generate export’. Don’t forget to also check out the other available export options.

Hi Melle,

Thank you, but that was not our problem. We’re developing custom templates, and we want to apply “Style 1” as defined in our bundle on a certain text in a custom developed reconciliation template. What triggers the “Style 1”? The header, text size, a custom tag…?

Eg, the office “Style 1” has a text color of #0091da, and is bold XL text. Is there any way to indicate in my reconciliations “when exporting this bit of text, make sure it uses Office Style 1”

Hi Wsteppe,

There is no possibility of applying styles in the templates (input view), only in the export.

Therefore, there is no header or tag which triggers your desired style. Only selecting the right bundle in export does.

Still the following may help you:

  1. Using <font color="009688"> (in input view) will render text within the tags in different colors, but ONLY in input view. When you export it, the text will always default to the color set in “Text Color in exports” that you define in your export style.
  2. If he still wants to use different colors in input view and keep that color centralized, he can define the hex value in a variable or result and then use this in the <font> tag:

{% assign teal = "009688" %}
**<font color="teal">Teal - Color from local variable</font>**
{% assign orange = %}
**<font color="orange">Orange - Color from result variable</font>**

Did this help you somehow?