Import file reconcilidate data


I would to know how I can automatically import/link the invoice to the reconciliation line.
For an example (reffering to the screenshot below), the client bought on 30/11/2020 some inkt for a printer.
In the window on the top, you can see that there is an invoice linked to the transaction.
How can I have the same invoice linked to the same transaction in the window below?
I can do it manually but I prefer a quicker way :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Henri-Louis,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I have looked into this and if a file is already in documents then it should appear on the pop-up.

However, I am not sure if this included synced documents. Please could you send your query to along with a link to your environment so our product team can take a closer look?

If this is not currently possible you will also be able to flag this as a new feature request with them.

Many thanks,