Increasing size of text box itself

Hello, I was wondering if there was perhaps any update on the discussion previously from here:

tl;dr Is there a way to increase the size of a text box itself?


This functionality hasn’t been changed so it’s not possible to add a custom height to a textarea, but the height will auto-expand for up to 8 lines of text.

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Thank you for you reply Wouter. Do you know why the above picture I have didn’t automatically expand by any chance then?

Right now the textbox resizes after you’ve confirmed the text by pressing enter, so it doesn’t resize while you’re typing. Once the text is confirmed & saved in the database then the height will resize for up to 8 lines.

Hmm, it doesn’t seem to automatically resize for me. I have included another example below. That first text box I added a separate line below that can’t be seen that just says “Test”. And I count 4 lines in total, but only 1.5 lines seem to show.

I have included my code below. Perhaps it is because it is in a table…

Ah ok I see, it’s indeed because of the table layout here.

The textareas added in a table that has the hashtag on the end (|--------#) don’t resize. Is it an option for you to use the standard table layout here? (|--------+). In these tables the textareas will auto-resize.

I don’t quite remember the reason that the textareas don’t resize in this layout so I’ll ask for more information internally about this.

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Thank you!!

Hi @pgallagher,

So we checked this with our design team and we understood that based on the way this hashtag table Is build, it will never be possible to allow auto resizing. However, the workaround suggested by Wouter would be a good alternative in this situation.

We keep you posted in case anything should change in this respect in the future.

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