Text field that shows all text (not with scrollbar)

Hi there,

We made a document in Silverfin that allows the user to give some information about the financial statements.
After a few lines a scrollbar appears and our users would like that scrollbar to be gone and the text field shows the whole text instead.

Is that possible? See the example below:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cedric.devos, welcome back to the Silverfin community!

They can easily re-size the text box by clicking in the bottom right corner of the input field.

This change will only affect the “Regular View” of the document and it will not have any impact in how the text is shown in the “Export View”.

I hope they find this useful!

Kind regards

Hi @agustin,

We know that clicking in the bottom right corner we can re-size the text box, but we want that the text box automatically shows all the text.

Is that possible?

Kind regards,

In that case @cedric.devos, I’m afraid that it is not possible to establish a different default size to the text fields for now.