Input large text field in infotext

I have the code below:
{% ic %}{::infotext}
{% input company.custom.omschrijving.algemeen as:text size:large %}
{:/infotext}{% endic %}

This yields standard below view: (small input box)

However, I would like to show a standard page wide input box, like this

Would there be a way to do so?

Hi @Warde,

Actually, the whole infotext code isn’t really made to work with inputs, although I do agree (personally) it should.
But the output is indeed, as you’ve noticed, not what you’d expect.

Even this:

{% ic %}{::infotext}
{% stripnewlines %}
{% newline %}
| {% input company.custom.omschrijving.algemeen as:text %}
{% endstripnewlines %}
{:/infotext}{% endic %}


{% ic %}{::infotext}{% input company.custom.omschrijving.algemeen as:text %}{:/infotext}{% endic %} 

will output like this:

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this unless we do some changes in the background.
It works with normal inputs though. So I’d advise infotext only to be used for norma inputs, and having those texts being entered separately outside the infotext (because in most cases, that info should be displayed somewhere, right?)