Change in look due to decrease in font size

We have this tool in Silverfin called “Workflow Review”. It is where the Client can come in and see a preview of what the financials look like (attached a snippet below of where to find it if you want to take a look) and leave comments.

However, we know that when we changed the font size to something smaller for some of the statements - it comes out looking incredibly ugly on our front-end looking Silverfin templates. The export looks fine. But the templates themselves in Silverfin look horrible. And this is what the Client will see in the Workflow Review. Can you please ask if there is a work-around of this? Or something we should do to mitigate this?

Hi @Samik

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Could you send over the link to the template please?

We’ll take a look at the code and then pass this on to our Core team for their review of what’s going on here, and get back to you once they’ve had a look!

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Hey Kalpna,

Thanks for the reply. Here is the link to one of the templates:

hey @Kalpna_Dhokia

not sure if there was any update on this by any chance?


Hi @pgallagher , @Samik ,

Can you provide me a file where the issue occurs in this template? Please send it by e-mail to

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