Informations kept in memory?


A week ago, I’ve inputted some informations to test my code, like signature, manual input names, etc. Then I deleted it.

Today, we tested the final code to see if there were any errors, and at some places, when we leave an input blank, it outputs (on .pdf) names we tested earlier.

So is there a way to completely erase all outputs in our code, and if there’s a cache/memory also?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Axel,

Can you say which variables are being remembered? Are they specific to a company/period/text?

For exemple, here I have for societies:

Sont présents ou représentés:
{% for society in period.directors %}
{% input as:boolean %} {{}} représentée par {% input society.custom.delegate1 as:select options:'Monsieur|Madame|Mademoiselle' %} {% input society.custom.delegate2 as:string placeholder:'<nom>' %}, gérante.
{% endfor %}

And upper in the code:

La séance est ouverte sous la présidence de {% input as:select options:president_options %} <!-- president_options just shows every manager/delegate -->

So we left the input blank, and in the .pdf it show the name I’ve set (and already deleted) in society.custom.delegate2.

I think this is the explanation of this behaviour:

  1. when an input of a select contains an option that doesn’t appear in the list, it doesn’t show up in the select (I think that’s behaviour we should probably fix).
  2. the variable is probably not really deleted, but you can’t see it. If you want to delete it, it should work by clicking the trashcan for the select on the empty value.

(btw, you can always click on the magnifying glass on the screen of the text to see how it would look in the pdf, as such you don’t necessarily have to create a pdf every time).