Input fields that contain 0 should be blank

I have created a tax form with input fields that are mapped to accounts. If an input field contains “0”, i would rather want that field to be completely blank. How do I achieve this?

Hi cbunger,

Assuming that your input fields show defaults which equal certain account balances, you could try the following:

{% assign default_value = your account value %}

 {% unless default_value == 0 %}
    {% input custom.the_namespace.the_key %}
 {% endunless %}

The table element containing this code, will be empty in case the “default value” equals 0.

It is not necessary to assign a variable like default_value as in my example - you can directly paste the name of the account variable you are using as default into the {% unless %} tag.

Please let us know in case you need more information or explanation.