Input type :file

When i upload a file for {% input overeenstemming.sociale_bijdragen_fiscaal_attest_doc as:file %}, it automatically links it also to {% input overeenstemming.vapz_fiscaal_attest_doc as:file %}.

How can i resolve this?

input mode:


Niet ingehouden persoonlijke sociale bijdragen

{% for overeenstemming in period.custom.overeenstemmingen %}

||Sociale bijdragen {% input overeenstemming.sociale_bijdragen_fiscaal_attest_doc as:file %}|{{ overeenstemming.sociale_bijdragen_fiscaal_attest | currency }}
||VAPZ {% input overeenstemming.vapz_fiscaal_attest_doc as:file %}|{{ overeenstemming.vapz_fiscaal_attest | currency }}
||**Code 1405/2405**|**{{ overeenstemming.sociale_bijdragen_fiscaal_attest+overeenstemming.vapz_fiscaal_attest | currency }}**

{% endfor %}

Already solved! Topic may be closed.

Hi @Thijs

Good for you!
Could you share how you solved it?
Others might be interested in the future.

Kind regards


A small add-on question: is it possible to change the caption text in the as:file-input (now it’s ‘Voeg bestand toe’) to a specific value each time (eg ‘Voeg vergunning maandelijkse teruggave BTW toe’). It would be really handy to have this text in pop-up as these values can be rather long …


Definitely a great request, but not possible for now. I’ll add it to our current feature requests though @Bart_Verhaeghe

As a workaround, you might wanna add an info-tag perhaps. But your request works better of course (less code that is!).