Insights add column with value of period N-1

How can you add in one query data from named values for bookyear N & bookyear N-1?
For example prepayments
Bookyear - 31/12/2022
Column 1: Formula period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.total_prepayments > 0
Column 2 we want to see the amount from the previous bookyear. period.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.total_prepayments:1y = all

When using #70 accounts :1y or :12p works, is there also a solution for named results?

Hi @Nath ,

the period in period.reconciliations can be adjusted to access the template in the period you want.
In your case that would be period.minus_1y.reconciliations.2018_tax_module.results.total_prepayments

You can also jump back/forward periods instead of years by using e.g. “plus_2p”. You can find some examples on this page.

Hope that answers your question,
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