Access data across periodes


In a formula in a report, I would like to be able to use the sum of an account range of the previous year/period.
More generally: I would like to compose formula’s that use data across periods.
For example:

  • I have a report with 2 periods (current period of this year & current period of last year)
  • In this report, I have a formula (#34) tagged with ‘stock’
  • I want to use the value of ‘stock’ (or #34) for the previous year in a formula for the period of this year
    Is this possible in some way?
    If not, the use of handles to a reconciliation in the formula’s of a report would allow for a workaround, but I don’t think this is possible either…

Thanks in advance.


Hello @robin.bailleul,

Welcome to our community!

Above case is not possible in the reports (but guess that’s a request we should consider though).

However, you could solve it in a text template that relates to handles to a report.

Let’s say we have our EBITDA-report (handle = ebitda) and everything of accounts 70 has been tagged with “omzet”.

The YTD of “omzet” can be viewed with following code in a text template :
{{ period.reports.ebitda.results.omzet }}

To get the numbers of the year before, you could do this :

{% assign previous_period = period.minus_1y %}

{{ previous_period.reports.ebitda.results.omzet }}

Hope this gets you on the way!

PS for requests concerning building reports, it’s better to ask this through the chat (or Because it’s not really STL there…


Thanks for the information.
I already thought about using your proposed approach of building a text template that uses data from reports through handles, but before building a report-like text template, I wanted to make sure something similar can not be achieved with the currently present functionalities :slight_smile:

PS: I asked a couple of questions through the chat, and I was recommended to ask them on this forum instead… So I’m not really sure where to ask questions regarding the available functionalities?

I’ve seen the chat, and there were indeed related to Liquid (to STL), so this is the right place for such questions :relaxed: