Intermediate [Exercise 1: Linking templates] (Training slides exercise)

Create a reconciliation template and an account template and build a link inside an infotext on each of them that connects to each other. See the image below as an example:

Tip: Remember to put a handle when creating the reconciliation template and to refer to the particular account number where your new account template is being used.


In the example below the account template is used in the account 100000 and the handle recon_template was created for the reconciliation template.

Reconciliation template code:

{% ic %}{::infotext}{% linkto period.accounts.100000 %}Account template{% endlinkto %}{:/infotext}{% endic %}

Account template code:

{% ic %}{::infotext}{% linkto period.reconciliations.recon_template %}Reconciliation template{% endlinkto %}{:/infotext}{% endic %}