Issue exports - part of text missing

We have a strange error in Silverfin as in the regular view and code everything seems fine, but when we export the document, a part of the text goes missing. This specific part is triggered by a boolean at the beginning of the document (see pictures). Does someone have any idea how this can happen?

code boolean

Hi @lieels01,

The issue here is that the assign:custom_article_7229 is inside an {% ic %} tag. This means that this piece of code will not be executed in non-input mode. There are two ways of solving this in your case.

The first option is to directly access the value that is stored in the database in your if-statement: {% if period.custom.article.7229 == true %}.

The second option is to assign the local variable custom_article_7229 separately outside of the {% ic %} tag:

{% assign custom_article_7229 = period.custom.article.7229 %}

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,